Jae-eun, Two years travelling in west direction.

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I’m 35 years old Korean, a cook.
1. Witch was the main reason that make you leave everything and keep travelling?
Working in interior construction business more than 4 years, I’ve got tired of the boredom, mannerism and dissatisfaction of my life. So I decided to do what I wanted most in my life before I die. Initially wanted to travel for only 1 year but the freedom and the joy that this journey provides me was too great to stop.
2. How did you organised the trip before leaving?
I bought lots of books about traveling-around-the-world and tried many web site, cafe and , to my surprise, found a lot of first-hand information.
3. Did you had a travel trail in your mind before leaving? Witch country did you visited and what’s next?
I had a general idea of direction, ‘West’, starting from Singapore but didn’t like the idea of having fixed itinerary. Visited 38 countries but numbers doesn’t mean that much any more to me, because the time I spend in each country was depending on the size of the country and my preference. I stopped traveling to realize my another dream.
4. What is changed in your personality during your travel?
I was more passive, shy, closed-mind but I have become opposite character about anything.
5. Your tipe of choice is it commun in South Corea? What your friends said to you when you explained your plan?
It is not so common that everybody does or dram of. Its is not that rare that you can’t see anybody who’s done it or hear them. I am the only person in my small network in Korea and when I told my friends my plan, they were very much surprised. They tell me that I’m inspiring people around them.
6. Have you ever thought to stop going and flight back home?
One time in Calcutta, India, I was having the most serious diarrhea in my life for 3 days. I couldn’t eat anything nor sleep and was going to toilet way too much. I was lonely and tired. That was the only time I really wanted to pack everything and go home.
7. The happier and the sadder moment.
When I reached the highest point, ‘Thorong-la’ in the circuit of Annapurna, 5416m, after 7h walking everyday for 6 days and 3 days of altitude sickness, I was so happy to accomplish something that I was wanted so for so many days regardless of all the obstacles. Each time I say good-bye with good friends that I met on the journey is sadder moment.
8. Do you have any plan for the future?
I’m currently in Lyon, France to live a new life. I have a dream of opening Korean restaurant.
9. How can you afford two years travelling?
By traveling very cheap, for example, using cheap hostels, CouchSurfing, staying friends’ house and eating sandwiches or cooking most of the time.
10. Did you couchsurfing a lot? What do you think about this way of travelling?
I’ve done enough to know that this could be and double-blade knife. So great to meet locals who are interested in me and my travel, and sharing culture, emotions, but at the same time I could be the bad impression of Korea, because of miscommunication, misunderstanding or misbehaving.

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