About Me

Who is Francesca?

I’m a travel psychologist, I study travelers and their personality, I published a research about The Impact of the Personality Traits in the Travel Choice, and other several articles about Travel Psychology.  I work as consultant in the tourism field.

I’ve introduced the travel coaching in Italy, I help people to traveling alone and also using the travel as a metaphor of their life.

I’ve started this blog just in May 2012, and in just one year it began my full time job.

I’ve always traveled a lot, in the last years I spend 60% of my time traveling, I love to go back in the countries I’ve just visited, Right now, I’ve been in almost 60 countries around the world.


I’m the cofounder of TBnet the first network of travel blogger in Italy.


What’s Viaggiare da Soli about.

It is the only italian blog about solo traveling. My blog has a psychological touch. I write about my adventures, about how traveling the world alone, how reaching personal goals and how it could help you in your  life. I interview solo travelers around the globe, I give practical tips, I inspire people to follow their way of traveling.

It’s also my way to explain how I works as travel coach.


In Italy the biggest community is Facebook, it’s the social network we use more.

I have about  34.000 fans and the average of the engagement is about 30.000 daily.

Facebook dataI was mentioned in Turismo e Consigli as the italian travel blogger with the most influent fan page.


Twitter: 10.00 followers

Instagram: 9.000 followers

I’m also on Foursquare, G+, Pinterest and YouTube, to see more data view my Media_Kit_ENG


I’ve been interview by a lot of on line magazine, but also by italian television, radio and newspaper.

I’ve been invited speaking at: Travel Blogger Elevator, BIT of Milan, Change Venture in Bali, TBDI in Rimini.

I’ve a weekly column on Benessere.com and one monthly on Nomadi Digitali

What we can do together:

  • Social Media Campaign 
  • Content Brandig
  • Placement
  • Blog Trip
  • Contest and Give Away
  • Sponsorship

More than Blog Tour doing sponsorship:

I’ve notice that my audience is more involved when I travel independently, when I explore the world on my way.

So it’s better sponsor my trip, as tourism board or a Travel Organization instead of send me in blog trip.

I had sponsor for my trip to Iceland, Israel, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and I noticed the difference.

I’ve been also sponsored by: Airbnb, HomeExchange, Europ Assitance, Labe Wooden Eyewear.

To see more data check my Media_Kit_ENG and do not hesitate to contact me at info @ viaggiaredasoli.net